Dealing with pests on your houseplants? Use Neem Oil!

I’ve been struggling with pests on a few of my plants, including my Monstera. But then I discovered Neem Oil and it’s magic to see how quickly the pests disappear from my plants!

I’ve written a guide about it here: How to use Neem Oil with plants

Do you have an success stories about Neem Oil or any questions?

Gf buys ladybugs online then sets them free in the house and greenhouse

That’s also a really good way to get rid of pests! I haven’t tried that just yet on my plants indoors. If I had a greenhouse (one day), I will give that a try :herb:

It started with daughter catching one outside and then more and more. I like neem oil works great but sometimes rather not use chemicals and want to go greener route. Neem works quicker, but the bugs last longer and aren’t as pricey. Keep them in freezer and pull out a few if I see any pests put them on that plant. As they thaw they come back alive and get to work. I’ve tried praying mantis as well but couldn’t do it they were so creepy and they freaked me out and too many customers so gave up on those quick lol. Kinda weird when ladybug flies past in house but their efficiency is amazing and I don’t worry as much with the kid and animals around or touching plants with neem, do you have that worry? Secluding a sole plant is impossible i try to put outside when I can but that usually just opens it up to more pests. Can you do an article on home remedies for ways to fertilize? Or one with different things can add to soil for nutrients ie eggshells coffee ect? I’d love to read what yours or others go to hacks or fixes are especially with houseplants either one species or many