How to repot an Alocasia Zebrina

If you're taking great care of your Alocasia Zebrina, it'll grow larger and larger. If you're having trouble with growing this plant, be sure to check out my other guide ["How to care for a Zebrina Alocasia"]( This will tell you exactly what you need to know to grow this plant and to eventually end up in this situation: My plant is too large and I need to repot it! That's where this guide comes in, I'm going to show you the process for repotting the Alocasia Zebrina, including photos. The process goes from taking the plants out of the pot, all the way to planting the two separate plants in two pots.
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It’s very important to be careful with the Zebrina roots. They’re very fleshy roots, which are stronger than the thin roots other plants have, but this also means that it’s important you don’t lose a lot of the roots.

When you lose too many roots of this plant it could take a while before it grows new ones.