How to use Neem Oil with plants

Neem Oil is quite well-known in the plant community as a way to prevent pest infestations. Even if you already have pests on your plants Neem Oil is useful for you. Neem Oil is a very effective method to kill and get rid of a lot of pests on your plants. When you apply the Neem Oil to your plants, those pests won't be around for much longer. In this guide, we'll talk about everything you need to know about Neem Oil. We'll even give you a recipe for making your own Neem Oil mixture for much cheaper than you can buy in stores. These are the topics we'll cover:

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Neem OIl has been a miracle worker for me! It’s gotten rid of all pests on my plants within a few days, so I can only recommend it to you! :herb:

What are your experiences with it? :seedling: