New Alocasia Zebrina leaf in the winter!

This Alocasia Zebrina is growing a new leaf in the winter, without dropping any older leaves! Last year, it was struggling to stay alive during the winter and now it’s thriving! :herb:

How are your plants doing this winter? :snowflake:

That’s great! My alocasia sarawakensis cannot hold more than three leaves T_T

You might need to give it some fertilizer if that’s the case :seedling: It might not have enough nutrients to grow more than 3 leaves and fertilizer can give it a boost :herb:

Do you have your Alocasia planted in soil? :smiley:

Hi! It’s in soil right now.

I’ve fertilized it once a month but I may skip it in January, I’m not sure. I was planning to move it to a bigger pot (at least one a bit taller) because It seems to me the current one is too low, but my plan was to do it around March. I’m moving home soon so I fear the moving stress will be enough for the poor plant.

Maybe it will recover during spring :slight_smile:

That’s a great schedule for fertilizing. If you do want to repot, definitely wait until the spring. It’ll be in much better shape to adjust to a new environment without too much trouble :seedling:

Moving will be tough for your plant, but it will definitely recover in the spring. Even if you lose all stems and leaves, but the roots are still healthy, your plant will grow again in the spring like nothing happened :herb:

They’re tough plants :smiley:!