The pros and cons of using Leca to grow your plants

Leca is a growing medium that allows you to grow plants without using any soil whatsoever. That sounds strange if you've never heard of it before, because how can plants grow without soil? Don't they nutrients? You're right, plants definitely need nutrients to grow big and strong, but they don't need soil for this. In a previous post, What is Leca and why is it useful for plants?, we went over what Leca is and why you can use it to grow your plants. We quickly brushed over a downside of using Leca, but it's put the advantages and disadvantages next to each other and help you figure out if Leca is right for you and your plants.

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So far, after having used Leca for about a year now: It’s been really great! It has worked on most of my plants, except my Croton :herb: