Which plant are you most looking forward to buying in the spring?

I’m looking most forward to getting a Golden Pothos! :herb: I’ve been eagerly waiting all winter for it to get warmer again. It’s just too cold to get one now unfortunately! :slightly_frowning_face:

Have you bought any plants during the winter? Or are you waiting for the spring like me? :seedling:

I’m waiting for a hoya matilde had one but sold when moved and regret it soo bad. Also want a blue cactus! I’ve bought and sold plants so far this winter and do all year, I have also bought more plants since fall and to today then I did the year before. Have a huge I mean flicking ginormous order coming in the morning im so excited splurged and “invested” in myself 18 plants tomorrow then another two huge rare snake plants i need to find a way to pick up! Highest plant bill in awhile but I don’t care know if I don’t imma regret it. 5 kinds hoya 4 jades and more!! Ah almost forgot went to city today and I got 2 different varieties of wandering jew, 3 Hoyas then came home and put in order for tomorrow now just trying to be patient but I’m soo excited more plant babies and my jungle is officially a jungle lmfao

That’s such an amazing collection coming in! Where do you keep all of your plants? Do you spread them out through the house or all they all in a single place? :smiley:

Spread throughout every room in the house! Kinda just a bit of everything altogether. Have quite a few different plant stands kinda thinking I should have found another stand before more plants cut im out of space! Kitchen table was taken over years ago with plants, I try to make as many raised beds and plant stands with pallets to cut down on costs but im a sucker for already made ones if it will hold lots of plants! I’d say our house is 80 percent plants. Pets co exist thankfully and are used to the house having more plants than greenhouse does. Really enjoyed your begonias maculata article and now I want to try the clay balls with the begonia and a few snakes. I bought one plant before with them but moving i gave away that hoya. Thanks you got me excited to give them a try and tackle a new challenge!! Wish I was closer to you I’d share slips or starts. So glad found your article I will watch for new ones

Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate them!

My house is not quite 80 percent plants, but that’s the dream! :smiley:

Like your pets, my cats are also doing well with my plants. They don’t attack them, which is nice :herb:

The clay balls have been a lifesaver for multiple plants! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: