Which plants can you grow in Leca?

Leca (Lightweight expanded clay aggregate) has it's advantages and disadvantages like any other growing medium. But even when you know what Leca means how you can use it, you might still need to ask yourself: "Can my plant grow in Leca?". In this post, we're going to find out which plants work well with Leca and which ones might not do too well with it. It's difficult to list every single plant that will do well with Leca, so let's list some characteristics of plants that do well in Leca instead. When you use this list, you can compare it to what your own plant and see if it'll do well in Leca or if you need to look for something else.

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So far, there has only been 1 plant that hasn’t done well in Leca for me: my Croton. Its roots are just too thin and sensitive to be able to grow well in Leca. Thicker roots, like the Spider plant and Alocasia roots are much better suited to grow in Leca.